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On December 28th, within the Festes d'Hivern Autonomous Tourist Interest), Ibi is characterized by a special singularity on the day of: Els Enfarinats. They take the city under the motto Justícia Nova and for a day they are the voice and command of the people. Els Enfarinats Els Enfarinats, with firecrackers and flour, manage to bring the population under their mandate. The new mayor of Els Enfarinats takes the fictitious rod of command from the hands of the Constitutional Mayor of the town. After the symbolic inauguration of the new local government of Els Enfarinats, this crazy group dressed in the most outlandish costumes, spreads throughout the urban center of the toy village in which for one day, they walk at ease ambushing and confronting the opposition in an epic battle, which is repeated every year, and to which are exposed not only the participants of Els Enfarinats, but also passers-by who innocently cross the domains of the coup plotters.

The urban center of Ibi is covered with a great white cloud and the noise of gunpowder, in which you can barely glimpse the protagonists who deploy all their troops and take the church square.

At the end of the fierce struggle, the opposition surrendered to the invaders and had no choice but to retreat to the steps of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord. The end of the battle is preceded by the announced defeat of the opposition, which finally surrenders to the superiority of Els Enfarinats.. With the surrender of the opposition, comes the moment when the two opposing sides unite and united, at last, for a common cause: to raise funds for the nursing home San Joaquin de Ibi. The collection of the "revolutionary tax" is carried out among the commercial establishments of the town. For this reason, according to the bailiff of Els Enfarinats, "people pay the fines with pleasure".

The day will end with thedance ((First Day of Danses or Dia dels Casats), with the participation of women dressed in luxurious costumes, men covered with elegant capes, and other peculiar characters known as Els Tapats..

How to get to Ibi

Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7, CV-806, CV-801, CV-805, CV-798, CV-798