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The day of l'Avís

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The day of l'Avís is celebrated in May, the Saturday before the Day of the Virgin Mary. The day before l'Avís is the day of the Transfer, where the Xicoteta is moved from the Asilo San Joaquín to the Church, so everything will be ready to start the next day, the day of L'Avís..

This day begins with the sounds of harquebus made by the Almogávares group from Santa Lucía, they are in charge of waking up the population on this important day. The Mass of the Festero is celebrated, in it the flags are surrendered, to signify the submission of the Comparsas to the Virgin and her Son giving to the known as the festive esmorsaret, where all the festeros gather in the Glorieta de España to share table and tablecloth, laughter and jokes.

From there they go to Avenida Joaquim Vilanova where the well-known Corporals Contest takes place, in which the Comparsas watch their weapons and show off their best men perfectly uniformed. Afterwards, the afternoon parade takes place and concludes in the Church Square.

The last act of the day is the Procession of transfer, and that tries to return home to the image of the Virgin, its itinerary is Eres, Ravalet and Paca Guillem.



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