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The emotion, the feeling and the devotion that surrounds the Holy Week in Ibi, prepares us to welcome in our streets, processions that captivate us with their steps and Nazarenes followed by a respectful silence.

A tradition that inspires year after year and that impregnates us once again with feelings, suffering, hope and trust, where the unmistakable smell of incense, the sound of bugles and drums, accompanying the silence, and the characteristic colors of the different brotherhoods make us relive a unique experience.

As every year, Ash Wednesday will kick off a full program of events and processions, organized by the Junta Mayor de Cofradías de Semana Santa.

The children's procession of the Virgen de los Dolores, the procession of Jesus Cautivo, the convocation presided by the Cristo de la Sierra, the solemn processions of the Cristo de la Columna and Virgen de los Dolores led by the Holy Cross, Jesus Nazareno, Cristo Yacente and Virgen de la Soledad.

Brotherhood of Jesús Nazareno, Cristo de la Columna and Brotherhood of Jesús Cautivo.

Brotherhood Virgen de los Dolores, Santa Cruz and Cristo de la Sierra.

Brotherhood Virgen de la Soledad and Cristo Yacente.

The feeling of a costalero, of a brotherhood, of a mantilla, in short, of a Christian, is something indescribable when he sees the representation of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.



How to get to Ibi

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