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Discover what to visit in Ibi

Discover Ibi and feel everything that the Villa Juguetera offers you: its natural landscapes, impressive monuments linked to the culture of the city and the variety of its museums that are a fundamental pillar in the tourist offer of the town. Its history written in every corner and its incredible festive events in every season of the year make Ibi a town rich in tradition and culture.

Known as the "Villa del Juguete" (Toy Village)or "Cuna del Helado" (Ice Cream Cradle),due to its artisan tradition.


Learn how children were entertained in the past con with the Valencian Toy Museum; have fun playing with the arcade machines that marked a whole toda una era con with the Vintage Arcade Museum; aabout the importance of respecting biodiversity and caring for the environment with the Biodiversity Museum; and enter the world of the Moors and Christians of Ibi, Ibi's heritage, con with the Museum of the Festival. A museum experience awaits you in Ibi!


The monuments of Ibi located in the town center are of great value to the people of Ibi, both historically and artistically. A tour of the monuments of Ibi allows the visitor to approach the roots, culture and tradition of the town. Homage to the guild of ice cream makers; The tartana as an icon of the Vila; Their Majesties the Three Kings; The Virgin Mary of the Forsaken and the Moor and the Christian, etc..


The uniqueness of Ibi's buildings is marked by their history. Buildings that have been relevant to the population of Ibi since several centuries ago, some of them have been transformed over time and are now places of pilgrimage, worship, for social purposes, culture etc.. The Hermitages of Ibi: Hermitage of San Miguel, Hermitage of San Pascual and Hermitage of Santa Lucia, the three located in the surroundings, and the Hermitage of San Vicente located within the town of Ibi. The monumental Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord and the Patronage, the Municipal Archives are fundamental buildings of Ibi's society.


The places of interest that Ibi offers to its visitors are several and show a cultural value, have a historical significance, and offer leisure and fun surrounded by nature. Walk through the old town through the Barri de les Costeretes to the Plaza de la Palla. Don't miss a visit to the Torretes Biological Station and the Molí de Paper-Llavador.


In Ibi you will be able to get into the middle of nature and enjoy the municipal natural sites: "El Barranc dels Molins", "San Pascual-Torretes", in addition to ecological and scenic routes you can go through: "El Camí dels Geladors o Pous de Neu", "Mas del Canyo-Solana Parc Natural Font Roja", "El Camí del Carrascal-Font dels Esbarzerets" and "El Camí de Xixona", etc.. In Ibi discover a unique natural environment that will make you forget the stress of the city.