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The monuments of Ibi located in the town center are of great value to the people of Ibi, both historically and artistically.

A tour of the monuments of Ibi allows the visitor to approach the roots, culture and tradition of the town. Homage to the guild of ice cream makers;; The tartana as an icon of the Vila; Their Majesties the Three Kings;; The Virgin Mary of the Desamparados and the Moor and the Christian, etc..

Monumento de la Fiesta

This monument was created by the artist Vicente Ferrero on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Virgin and 50th anniversary of her coronation,

Rotonda Autogiro RSA33

This toy was a reproduction made of tinplate, it was wind-up and its original dimensions are 21x23x8cm. It was manufactured in several versions and represents a classic single-engine airplane of the first passenger airplanes.

Rotonda Pou de Neu

Rotonda situada en el cruce de las avenidas Juan Carlos I, de la Provincia y la calle Alicante, es una reproducción del pozo de nieve del Canyo, ubicado en la Font Roja. Rindiendo tributo a la que fue la primera industria del municipio y que constituye un magnífico ejemplo de la arquitectura rural del hielo.

Centenari del Joguet

The Joguet Centenary Monument is located in the square that bears his name. This monument pays tribute to the toy industry that has been so important for Ibi, and to all the men and women who have worked in it.

La Tartana

The Tartana Monument is located in the square that bears his name, the Tartana has become the symbol of the town.It represents the toy industry that was born in Ibi at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century

Monument als Geladors

El Monument als Geladors es un homenaje al gremio de los heladeros, por su hacer, artesanía y dedicación generación tras generación.