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Places of Interest

Barrio de les Costeretes

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The Barri de les Costeretes is characterized by its network of steep streets rich in architectural details, specifically the streets San Antonio, San Francisco and San Juan, are the three streets at the foot of the hill of Santa Lucia that compose an image of what could be the oldest Ibi.

These are intertwined streets that should be walked slowly to appreciate the terraced houses with flowers that give it its picturesque appearance.

On San Antonio Street, the two niches with the saint, the result of past neighborhood quarrels, stand out. The slopes have been used for children's games (the streets became huge slides) and have been the site of simple festivities organized by the neighborhood.



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How to get to Ibi

Recorre las calles y plazuelas del Barri de les Costeretes a los pies del cerro de Santa Lucía; calle San Francisco, calle San Antonio, calle San Juan, etc.