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Place of Interest

Plaza de la Palla.
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The Plaza de la Palla is located in the heart of Ibi. Under its centenary plane tree, you can enjoy a space of small stores, bars, artisan ice cream parlors and a coquettish kiosk.

Its name alludes to the straw that had so many uses in the past (especially food and bedding for animals) and that must have accumulated in one or more warehouses, now disappeared. There are countless old prints and photographs that reflect the population's feelings about the square. The oldest, an engraving made by Cavanilles in 1797, where you can see the 3 large plane trees that delimited it.

It highlights its monumental fountain, as a reminder of the bringing of drinking water to the town in the late nineteenth century from the nearby Barranco de los Molinos.


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How to get to Ibi

Plaza de la Palla, Ibi.