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Festes d'Hivern-Reyes Magos (Winter Festival-Kings of the Magi)

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The Three Wise Men festivities in Ibi are lived in a very special way because of its industrial tradition, for being the Toy Village par excellence and for having the only monument in Europe dedicated to the Three Wise Men. This celebration is part of the Festes d'Hivern program.

In the days prior to the celebration, giant telegrams are distributed in key places in the municipality, announcing the imminent arrival of the Three Wise Men.

The Heraldo's Cavalcade and the Collection of Letters

On January 4, Their Majesties The Three Wise Men of the East: Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar send their personal Herald, a position of their highest confidence, to the town of Ibi. Early in the afternoon, Mr. Heraldo with his entourage is received by the highest authorities of the City Council of Ibi. After the reception, the whole procession walks through the streets of Ibi to the Plaza de los Reyes Magos where the Monument to their Majesties is located and there, the Herald and his pages, give audience and collect letters from all those, both young and old, who want to deliver their letter.

The Three Kings Cavalcade

On January 5th, Their Royal Majesties: Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, accompanied by their entourages, arrive in Ibi together with "the Royal Packers", who, ladder in hand, climb up the balconies to deliver gifts to those who have behaved well throughout the year.

As the tradition stated in the Gospels, before making the distribution through all the streets of our town, the Kings have to pay honors and also present their gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh, to the Baby Jesus guided by the Star of Bethlehem, and after being received in audience by King Herod, they will arrive at the manger and from there they will order their Royal Packers to start the distribution of packages.

Obligations fulfilled, it is now time to start the parade through the main streets of Ibi with their floats and their guards.

On January 6, he day of the Three Wise Men, a Mass dedicated to Their Majesties is celebrated in the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord.



How to get to Ibi

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