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San Pascual Pilgrimage

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The pilgrimage of San Pascual is celebrated on the Saturday following the saint's day, which is May 17.

The devotion of the town of Ibi to San Pascual comes from 1661, Ibi was in a persistent drought and a farmer prayed to the saint while sinking his hoe into the ground from which a source of water emerged. In commemoration of this event a small hermitage was built and the custom of attending a mass followed by a popular lunch began.

Currently in the town is a weekend full of events, starting on Friday witha parade by the Musical Union of Ibi and wine of honor in the neighborhood that gives its name to the festival. At 21:00h is scheduled to gather at the door of City Hall to start the night march in pilgrimage to the Hermitage. On Saturday parade and pilgrimage to the hermitage, procession of the saint and Mass. Later popular lunch, races, the beam ensabonà,, cucañas and popular dances to the sound of the charanga until lunchtime, mid-afternoon return of the pilgrimage.



How to get to Ibi

Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7, CV-806, CV-801, CV-805, CV-798, CV-798