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The places of interest that Ibi offers to its visitors are several and show a cultural value, have a historical significance, and offer leisure and fun surrounded by nature.

Walk through the old town through the Barri de les Costeretes to the Plaza de la Palla.Do not miss a visit to the Biological Station of Torretes and the Molí de Paper-Llavador..

Biological Station of Torretes

The Botanical Garden - Biological Station of Torretes is a center for research, biodiversity conservation and scientific dissemination, attached to the institute of biodiversity CIBIO, created through an agreement between the City Council of Ibi and the University of Alicante. Located in an area of great ecological value.

Molí de Paper-Llavadors

The Molí de Paper began operating in 1860 and over time was operated by several tenants from the nearby paper mill towns of Bañeres and

Church Square

This square is very representative in Ibi because on a very important day such as December 28th, it becomes the stage where the fights of the well-known and famous festival of Els Enfarinats take place.

Barrio de les Costeretes

The Barri de les Costeretes is characterized by its network of steep streets rich in architectural details, specifically the streets San Antonio, San Francisco and San Juan,

Plaza de la Palla.

The Plaza de la Palla is located in the heart of Ibi. Under its centenary plane tree, you can enjoy a space of small stores, bars, artisan ice cream parlors and a coquettish kiosk.