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In Ibi you will be able to get into the middle of nature and enjoy the municipal natural sites: "El Barranc dels Molins", "San Pascual-Torretes", in addition to ecological and scenic routes you can go through: "El Camí dels Geladors o Pous de Neu", "Mas del Canyo-Solana Parc Natural Font Roja", "El Camí del Carrascal-Font dels Esbarzerets" and "El Camí de Xixona", etc. In Ibi discover a unique natural environment that will make you forget the stress of the city.

Pou del Barber

The Pou del Barber, located within the limits of the Font Roja Natural Park, is also known as Cava Blanca or Cava de Santa María because of the estate where it is located.

Biological Station of Torretes

The Botanical Garden - Biological Station of Torretes is a center for research, biodiversity conservation and scientific dissemination, attached to the institute of biodiversity CIBIO, created through an agreement between the City Council of Ibi and the University of Alicante. Located in an area of great ecological value.

Esbarzerets Refuge

The Esbarzerets Refuge is located in a landscape of highlands, with lush pine forests, land rich in vegetation, especially aromatic plants (sage, rosemary, chamomile, thyme, pebrella, "rabet de gat", ...) and a privileged place where you can see the Alicante mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Área Recreativa San Pascual

San Pascual Recreational Area

A large open space, equipped with parking and drinking water fountain. The barbecues with a capacity for 10 fires and the large number of tables and benches are available to anyone who wishes to spend a day in the countryside.

Barranc dels Molins

The Barranc dels Molins is a natural area located north of the municipality of Ibi. A place that surprises for the beauty of the forests, the mountains and the birth of a water source.