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Jardín Botánico – Estación Biológica de Torretes

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Botanical Garden - Torretes Biological Station is a center for research, biodiversity conservation and scientific dissemination, attached to the institute of biodiversity CIBIO, created through an agreement between the City Council of Ibi and the University of Alicante. Located in an area of great ecological value. Visitors can tour its facilities:

-Jardín de las Culturas; Colecciones Botánicas y Taxonómicas; Jardín Medieval Hildegarda de Bingen (con más de 230 “simples” entre plantas medicinales y frutales); Plantas alquímias, mágicas y venenosas; Vegetación natural de barranco y de riberas.


-Traditional crops: cereals, almonds, olives, steel mills, fruit trees, etc.

-Cultural heritage: limekiln, shepherd's huts, water troughs, etc.

-Greenhouses: umbraculum, floral biology chamber, sustainable water uses, etc.

-Vegetable wind rose,

-Cypress maze,


Location: exit Ibi (east).

Monday to Friday

09:00h - 14:00h


10:00h to 13:00h

16:00 to 19:00h

11.00h - 14.00h

Among the activities carried out at the Torretes Biological Station, the following stand out:

-The magic of lilies: an activity that takes place in May taking advantage of the lilies blooming and the magic that these flowers hide; The most desired bulb plants, very aromatic, with multiple medicinal properties and which are the emblem of many institutions and countries for their elegance.

-Menudos Bichos: activity that takes place in the month of March, outdoors and that aims to bring children and the general public closer to the wonderful world of insects. This is the most diverse group of animals on the planet, with approximately 1 million described species, representing more than 70% of all known species on the planet. Insects are a group with an extraordinary diversity of shapes and colors that flood every corner of the earth.

-Fireta de l’Herbert: biannual celebration in honor of this traditional product of the mountains and valleys of Alicante that treasures all the traditional knowledge of its people, to whom we pay affectionate tribute. With this popular festival, all those people who love nature, artisan products, folklore, music and traditional gastronomy come to the Botanical Garden of Torretes and the Museum of Biodiversity in Ibi, because during these two days in around the Herbero, we want our visitors to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

-The Secrets of the Autumn Leaves: Activity that takes place in the month of October. The changes that take place in the ecosystem due to the arrival of autumn is for many species of plants the time to drop their leaves to protect themselves from the cold winter. Aimed at both children and adults, during the day you will visit the Botanical Garden of Ibi to learn the different species and their curiosities, and you will be able to enjoy the color of the places at this time of year.With the little ones there will be a tour from the farmhouse towards the ravine, passing through the greenhouses, until ending up again in the farmhouse, as well as various identification and drawing workshops. The adults, meanwhile, will make a broader tour throughout the garden guided by the director of the Torretes Biological Station and a researcher at the CIBIO University Research Institute, Segundo Ríos.

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