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Pou del Barber

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Pou del Barber

Pou del Barber located within the limits of the Font Roja Natural Park, is also known as Cava Blanca or Cava de Santa Maríaíbecause of the estate where it is located. Built between the XVIII-XIX centuries, its name is due to the nickname of its owner, his profession or one of his ancestors. The PThe Pou del Barber was part of a network of wells that exploited the snow makers of Ibi.

The restoration works of the building were carried out between 2019-2020. SIts dome does not have tiles, sits interior height is 13'00m, of which about 9.50 meters appear buried in the ground, it has a capacity of about 600 cubic meters.

Next to the pou de neu there are the remains of a room that served as a small storehouse for tools and a place of shelter for the people who worked the pou.



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How to get to Ibi

Caminando por el PR-V 81 Vuelta a la Hoya del Menejador, PR- V 127 Camí dels Geladors. Distancia: de la entrada del Barranc dels Molins al Pou del Barber 3,4km, 51 min (caminando).

En coche: salida Ibi CV-801, conduciendo 4,3 km, 6 min, hasta la entrada a la Finca de Santa Maria (fin del termino municipal de Ibi), aparcar allí y caminando 20min hasta el Pou del Barber.