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Esbarzerets Refuge

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The Esbarzerets Refuge is located in a landscape of highlands, with lush pine forests, land rich in vegetation, especially aromatic plants (sage, rosemary, chamomile, thyme, pebrella, "rabet de gat", ...) and a privileged place where you can see the Alicante mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The orography of the terrain is steep, reaching heights of over 1000 meters.

El Refugio is built on the azagador that divides the municipalities of Xixona and Ibi, has a capacity for 25 people. On the first floor there is a living room with fireplace and a dining room, and on the second floor a common bedroom.


Temporarily unavailable.

How to get to Ibi

How to get there from Ibi: walking from the PRV 128, and in a vehicle prepared for the mountains, along the Xixona road (from Ibi towards Xixona, Puerto de la Carrasqueta).