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Festes d’Hivern Danses i Tapats

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Les Festes d'Hivern de Ibi are celebrated from the second Saturday of December until January 6, are declared of Tourist Interest Autonomous. These festivities are known for their folkloric and traditional character, in which the kings of the dances are proclaimed and with the rest of the dancers for a few days they will delight the public with the typical dances of the town, their pregones, the bandos, Els bons dies,...giving the winter a warm festive atmosphere.

On December 28 and 30 are the days that the dances are danced, both days are practically the same in terms of acts. The groups of dancers that come out each year are different and are divided into: Els Fadrins and Els Casats. The protagonists of the 28th are Els Casats and the 30th Els Fadrins. The days of dances begin with the Despertá to the sound of the dulzaina and tabalete, during the morning the dancers make the traditional Arreplegada, which is to collect contributions to donate to the Asilo de San Joaquin. After lunch the dancers begin the Arreplegada de ballaores enlivened by the music of dulzaina and tabalete.

In the afternoon they all go together to Les Eres street where they meet Els Tapats. and the retinue of Els Enfarinats (on the 28th), when the Rei de la Dansa accompanied by the Viceroy ask the Mayor of Els Enfarinats for authorization to dance in the street. At that moment the mayor ceases his functions and the Rei de la Dansa is from that moment the highest authority of the festival. The Dansa is danced with the company of Els Tapats, to finish the Folies are played, it means the farewell of the dancers to the dancers in gratitude for agreeing to dance the Dansa, as many Folies are played as there are couples. To finish in the street, the Jota is danced in which the audience can participate.

In the evening, in the Municipal Sports Pavilion, the Dansa is danced to the sound of fandangos, jotas and other popular dances performed by the Sonet (traditional music group). As a dance to end the day ends with the Ball del Virrei..


How to get to Ibi

Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7, CV-806, CV-801, CV-805, CV-798, CV-798.