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Barranc dels Molins
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The Barranc dels Molins is a natural area located north of the municipality of Ibi. A place that surprises for the beauty of the forests, the mountains and the birth of a water source. Its narrow and angular shape fits it between almost vertical slopes, which together with the existing humidity, facilitates the existence of elms, willows, poplars and other leafy species.

Right at the entrance of this enclave you can see an old Aqueduct dating from the s. XIV, which was very important for the conduction of water. Along the ravine there are old mills in different states of conservation, as well as paths that run along its two banks.

On the riverbed, there are two bridges, one made of wood and another old stone, currently restored. The gutter that starts from the water source feeds the mills and is excavated by hand in the stone and that reappears in a mill several meters below. An enclave of great environmental and heritage value, you can also admire the peculiar rock formation called "Elephant Trunk".

After passing through the banks of the riverbed that run through the old mills, you enter the recreational area equipped with barbecues, tables and benches. An area where you can spend the day surrounded by nature surrounded by an enchanting landscape.

From this enclave begins the PR V-127 «Camí dels Geladors», a circular route of 13.7 km, which will take you to the old Snow Wells located on the summits of the mountains, where this important industry for the mountain municipalities.


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How to get to Ibi

The Barranc dels Molins is in the north of the town just 1Km away from the town center, exit Ibi towards Banyeres on the CV-801. Parking enabled vehicles a few meters away, in the Molí de Paper.