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Parties in Ibi

If there is something that characterizes the municipality of Ibi is a calendar full of festive celebrations, in which from January to December any ibense and visitor can join such unique celebrations linked to the culture and tradition of Ibi.
Its main festivities are the Moors and Christians Festivities in honor of the Virgen de los Desamparados and Les Festes d'Hivern, both declared of Autonomous Tourist Interest..


The day of l'Avís is celebrated in May, the Saturday before the Day of the Virgin Mary. The day before l'Avís is the day of the Transfer, where the Xicoteta is moved from the Asilo San Joaquín to the Church, so everything will be ready to start the next day, the day of l'Avís.

San Miguel Hermitage Pilgrimage

In the Hermitage of San Miguel (XVIII century) a popular pilgrimage is held on the Sunday before the day of the saint (September 29), with the unchanging program of fireworks, sack races and typical lunch of coca en oli. This festival is joined by the one organized by the Association of Neighbors Fernoveta-San Miguel throughout the weekend.

San Pascual Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage of San Pascual is celebrated on the Saturday following the saint's day, which is May 17. The devotion of the town of Ibi to San Pascual comes from 1661, Ibi was in a persistent drought and a farmer prayed to the saint while sinking his hoe into the ground from which a source of water emerged. In commemoration of this event a small hermitage was built and the custom of attending a mass followed by a popular lunch began.

Festes d'Hivern-Reyes Magos (Winter Festival-Kings of the Magi)

The Three Wise Men festivities in Ibi are lived in a very special way because of its industrial tradition, for being the Toy Village par excellence and for having the only monument in Europe dedicated to the Three Wise Men. This celebration is part of the Festes d'Hivern program.

Festes d’Hivern-Els Enfarinats

On December 28th, within the Festes d'Hivern (Autonomous Tourist Interest), Ibi is characterized by a special singularity on the day of: Els Enfarinats. They take the city under the motto Justícia Nova and for a day they are the voice and command of the people. Els Enfarinats, with firecrackers and flour, manage to bring the population under their mandate. The new mayor of Els Enfarinats takes the fictitious rod of command from the hands of the Constitutional Mayor of the town.

Festes d’Hivern Danses i Tapats

Les Festes d’Hivern de Ibi se celebran del segundo sábado de diciembre hasta el 6 de enero, están declaradas de Interés Turístico Autonómico. Estas fiestas son conocidas por carácter folclórico y tradicional

Geladors Festival

Ibi, known as "The Cradle of Ice Cream" celebrates annually the traditional Festa dels Geladors, a festival recovered in 1989. It is a tribute to the guild of ice cream makers and kicks off the ice cream campaign.

El Salvador

On August 6 is celebrated in Ibi the feast of El Salvador, patron saint of the town. The slushies are distributed in the Plaza de la Palla and a mass is celebrated in honor of the saint.


The emotion, the feeling and the devotion that surrounds the Holy Week in Ibi, prepares us to welcome in our streets, processions that captivate us with their steps and Nazarenes followed by a respectful silence.


In the month of February, Ibi celebrates Carnival. A party full of color, music and rhythm oriented to all ages. With a tour through the most central streets from the Town Hall, during the morning is celebrated the

Moors and Christians Festivities

In September, after the 9 days of the first Wednesday of the month, Ibi celebrates its traditional Moors and Christians Festivities, in honor of the Mare de Déu dels Desamparats, declared of Provincial Tourist Interest.